Wife’s hints at signage appointment invitation

When I’d gotten home from work, I flopped down on the couch in a huff. I felt the weight of my body sink into the leather cushions as my eyelids fell shut. I let the fresh blood circle my body as I elevated my feet. I sighed and let the day’s tensions seep out of me. I was home now, I was in my temple with my queen. There was no need to stress anymore. In the next second, my wife appeared in front of me. She smiled, leant down to kiss my forehead and asked me how my day was. I looked into her sapphire eyes at her beauty. She was still as beautiful now, as she was the day I’d met her – thirty years ago.

Once my wife had set dinner on the table, I got up and made my way over to my place. The meal my wife had prepared looked exquisite. Once we had started eating, I mentioned the signage to my wife. I saw the disappointment on her face, but I quickly assured her that the team at Signage Perth were taking care of it. My wife commented on the supervisor’s abilities to do her job, if she couldn’t remember to bring in a few signs. My wife was a very strict woman and didn’t offer many people chances. I’d hate to be on her bad side. She asked me a few questions about Signwriters Perth and I told her about my appointment time. Due to her love of art and design, my wife was anxious to come with me to the Signwriting Perth appointment but I could see she didn’t want to ask. My wife was very careful not to take-over the business. Things had gone downhill when she’d become too controlling during the weeks following the grand opening. My wife was treading carefully, but I knew she wanted to ask herself along to the appointment.