Tree lopper frightens anxious onlooker

I watched as they’d managed to navigate their large truck around our yard, parking it smack bang in the middle and jumping out to unload their equipment. The men worked as a team, and although there was only four of them, they got things done incredibly fast. I’d never had the chance to watch tree loppers in action, so I’d positioned a chair perfectly, allowing me to watch the entire process. Mum was still standing with the team from Tree Felling Brisbane, talking to them about things as they setup their equipment. The winds were starting to pick up and I wondered how long the tree lopping would take. I wondered about the tools they were going to use and how they all worked. I watched anxiously as the man hurled a thick rope into the air. With the other end of the rope firmly connected to his harness, the man clipped the spikes to his feet, and started monkey-ing up the tree.

I was stunned. The last thing I’d expected was to see one of the Tree Lopping Brisbane team start climbing the tree. I’d expected him to start hacking at it with an axe! When he’d reached a strong enough branch, the man climbed onto it and called out to his co-workers. Another rope hurled into the air, landing in the hands of the man who was balancing on the branch. He firmly tied the rope around the branch, before taking a seat. I watched closely as the man from Tree Removal Brisbane started chopping off the branch he was sitting on. My stomach turned as I pictured him plummeting from the tree. I hoped this man knew what he was doing.