Morning of heating repairs comes after great sleep

Surprisingly, I’d had a very good sleep. I had been worried about getting any sleep at all due to my heating being out, but I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. It made me wonder how bad it was to have the heating constantly running, and what it did to your airways. I sprung out of bed, lifting the mountains of linen off of me. I ran out to the kitchen and switched on the stove and the oven, leaving the oven door open. The unit was incredibly cold, I couldn’t feel my feet on the tiles. The oven was the only heating method I had at the moment, so I sat close to it as I ate my breakfast. I looked up at the clock, the man from Split System Heating Canberra would be arriving in about half an hour. I put my bowl in the sink and ran around the house, grabbing the clothing and blankets that were tossed all over the place.

I was midway through brushing my teeth when I heard the doorbell ring. It was the man from Central Heating Canberra. I threw my toothbrush down with excitement and ran to the door. I opened the front door and greeted the man from Ducted Heating Services Canberra. What I’d forgotten to do in my frantic rush, was rinse my mouth and wash the toothpaste off my face. I didn’t know it at the time, but the reason the technician was smiling so big when he saw me, wasn’t because he thought I was a hottie, but because I had a froffy toothpaste beard and moustache. I welcomed the man into my home, spotting the toothpaste in the reflection of the front door as I closed it. I ran straight for the bathroom, wiped my face, then ran straight back out, hoping the technician didn’t notice.