Wedding dress shop saves wedding

We only had two days to find a bridesmaids dress that matched the others. My new puppy decided to eat one of my bridesmaids dresses two days before the wedding and the shop we got the dress from originally, has sold out. We were rushing all over town trying to find someone who had the same dress in the same colour, or even a similar dress in the same colour. Why did I have to choose colours that were unusual? Damn my need to be different!

The bridesmaids and I all hurried into Wedding Dresses Melbourne, with one of the other bridesmaids dresses for reference. We raced up to the store assistant and asked if they had any dresses the same, or similar to the one we were holding up. The woman asked if it had to be the same colour and we all nodded our heads at once. The woman smiled, obviously realising that it was an emergency and we were all very highly strung.

We walked further into Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne to a row of dresses which were all exactly the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses. We all rushed over and started looking through the rack of beautiful dresses. When we reached the end of the rack we looked at each other with disappointment. I think seeing the right colours gave us all a little too much hope. We turned to head out the door and the woman from Wedding Dress Designers Melbourne appeared holding a dress.
“Is this the one you were looking for?” She asked. We run over to her and compared the dresses. They were exactly the same! We had a look at the size and it was a 12. Perfect! This shop just saved my wedding.