I want to consider getting rid of the termite pests now

I am going to be, probably, hiring a company to get rid of all of the termites that are living in my house. There are up to a million of them and I don’t really know what I am going to do with my life at this point because they are all going to go, if I have my way. Is it my way through? I do not know what it is that I really want. I want them gone, but I will be so lonely without them. I think that the termite inspections Melbourne business will be able to help me with this thing. I heard that they get questions like this all of the time. I do not really expect them to tell me what to do, but getting it off my chest and having a sounding board might be a good thing. I think that I will be able to get some good feedback for my novel as well. It is a time travelling comedy of manners and I think that I might just have the right amount of twist and freshness to really grab people. It won’t be that hard to get their attention because it will be about dinosaurs, which as everyone knows, people love. I also love animals of any kind and that even means that the termites are friends of mine, but maybe not the other way around. I think that the termite treatment Melbourne people will be there to give me some advice, some feedback and some much needed guidance as to how to proceed. Maybe I am just postulating and maybe I really mean to do all of this and to pretend to be tortured about it is simply my way of saving face. I might just call up the termite control Melbourne team right now and get it over with.

There is no way the termites are making out of this life alive

We are all doomed to fall. These termites are doomed to fall very soon and I am doomed to watch them fall. I have call up the termite control Melbourne company and they have begun sending over their best men and women to take them down. I do not know how many people that number is, but I will just have to make a huge pitcher of lemonade, to be safe, rather than sorry. I hate being sorry and I hate not having enough lemonade, especially for people such as the termite treatment Melbourne crew. I will watch them fall, and I will soon fall, like the termites. I do not know when I will fall but I have a feeling that it is no time soon. I have been blessed, or cursed with very long life. About 1 in 4 billion people has this genetic variation, which means that I will live, about 6 times longer than your average human. I grow up normally and when I hit about 27 years old, I just ate very slowing, because I am no longer going up, but going down. The variation means that my downhill is six times slower than everyone else’s. It is a blessing sometimes, but like I said earlier, it is a curse. It has allowed some level of advantage over others; my extensive wealth being one of them. I will be using this wealth to finance all sorts of things, and one of those things is hiring the termite inspections Melbourne crew to help me to get rid of the whole nest of termites, the whole colony. It might be upwards of million that will be fallen of at least put out of their home of 12 months, but I do not care. I hate how they have barged in and now I am kicking them out.

The termite negotiations continue

I hope that he isn’t calling my innocent bluff and pretending that he didn’t get my message so that he can stay, thinking that I won’t harm the innocents who I think are there because they didn’t get the message. He is a clever now, you old dog you.

The human has barely given us a choice. They hit us hard at the battle of the fridge, and I can’t count our numbers in total, but I’m guessing we lost about 80% of our termites. If he hits us again at full force we’ll be done for. The only sensible course of action is to retreat before he calls ni his artillery units, namely the termite treatment Melbourne crew. They will be here soon general what is your decision?

They have decided to fight me, and it is well within their right to do so. I will make him regret it though. I will not attack him myself, instead I will call on the termite inspections Melbourne crew to help us out of this jam. They will be here in less than an hour and will be bringing with them the reinforcements that we need to blow these termites out of the water. I can only hope that we are getting the right termites and not the wrong ones. It will be a real shame to have such a victory in that way. I didn’t look up to Napoleon because of his cruelness, but for his skill as a general. I hope the termite control Melbourne crew feel the same and get rid of all the bad termites from my house.