Van signage for a moving market

My cousin and I had always found a way to make money. Neither one of us had ever worked for a company, we prefered to make our own way and be our own bosses. We mostly did markets and roadside stalls. Over the weekend we had both come up with a brilliant idea. Considering we were making a great living off selling our handmade jewellery and clothes at the markets, why didn’t we take our stall out on the road. We had both wanted to travel around Australia since we were little but neither of us had done it. We looked into getting a van and how we could turn that van into a mobile store. With our do-it-yourself attitude we figured we were going to do it and do it properly. We bought a van and decked it out as a camper. We had room for all our personal things as well as storage for all our products. Before setting off on our adventure we needed to make the van look like an established business, not just two chicks selling things on the side of the road. My cousin suggested getting a vehicle wrap from Signwriting Perth down the side of the van with colours and pictures that would capture peoples attention.

We took the van into Signage Perth to see if they had any ideas. We were overwhelmed by the response from the guys there. They all had such original and creative ideas we didn’t know how we’d go about choosing one!

We finally came to an agreement and left the van with the Signwriters Perth. They said it would take a few days so the following week we returned to see how it was going. My cousin started crying. I was so happy I couldn’t speak. It was incredible. It was eye-catching. It was a complete capture of everything we wanted. Our adventure was about to begin.