Pest control to start renovations

I had a thing for old houses. I loved to renovate and design. The house I had just purchased was my fifth house and I treated them like investment projects. Once I had finished renovating them I put them up for sale and usually made enough money to pay for the next one. It was hard work but paid off in the long run.

This house was absolutely gorgeous. As soon as I saw it I looked past the chipped paint and rotting wood and saw my dreams come to life. I did most of the renovations myself, although sometimes I needed to call in some professionals. Before I purchased the property I knew it had termites. I knew I would be able to get the place treated, knock out the unstable wood and replace it with new wood. I wanted to get stuck into my renovations but knew there was no point until I had gotten a Pest Control Melbourne team through.

When Pest Inspections Melbourne arrived they had a field day on the place. They took me through and showed me how much damage was done. I didn’t realise the extent of it when I first looked but now it was quite clear I’d have to replace most of the walls and put in a new floor. Thankfully the main structure of the house was fine and may just need a bit of reinforcing here and there. Termites Melbourne and I arranged a good time for them to come through and spray the house and they told me what I’d need to do beforehand.

While the pest controllers were getting rid of the termites, I went to the local hardware store and started choosing some colours for my paint. As soon as I walked into the hardware store ideas came flowing to me and the disappointment from the termites was taken over with excitement to create.