Son paints optometrist window with strawberry milkshake

I do whatever I can to avoid taking my children to the shopping centre. In my opinion, taking any children to a shopping centre that are under the age of 12 is just asking for trouble. Usually I planned my shopping trips very carefully to ensure that I was alone. Today however, things did not go according to plan. I had to rush into the shops to get some things from one of the homewares stores. I had my youngest son with me, Jed who is six. Jed likes to cause trouble and loves hiding. I wanted to make it a quick trip to the shopping centre, literally in and out. We had to walk through the eatery and my son spotted the milkshake maker at one of the doughnut shops. We stopped to get a milkshake on the way back to the car. I had gotten everything I needed from the homewares shop, along with some extras which was good.

Because my arms were full of shopping bags, my son was running along side me, holding on to my hand and drinking his milkshake. I stopped and looked at some of the sunglasses in the window of Optometrists Ballarat. I needed a new pair and these ones grabbed my eye while I was walking past. As I was trying to see how much the sunglasses were, my son threw his strawberry milkshake all over the glass window of Optometrist Ballarat. I was horrified. All the staff in Sunglasses Ballarat saw it happening in slow motion. They turned into a highly trained team of cleaners, all grabbing necessary items and running to the window. I was busy yelling at my son while the women tried to clean up the milkshake before it got to the floor. This is exactly why I do my best to avoid taking children shopping.