Single Mum needs lease badly

I had been a single mother since I found out I was pregnant. The father was a random guy I’d met at a party, but I didn’t care. I loved Molly with all my heart, she was my reason for being and I’d give anything for her. It was difficult at the start, trying to find a way to work part time while still being there for Molly but I managed to get through it and now that she is school age, I’ve managed to find a job working school hours. It’s a great job and I’m really enjoying my time there. In the staff meeting last week the boss announced that she would start conducting appointments with all entitled employees to discuss car packaging arrangements and Novated Leases. I hoped that I was entitled to that option, a car would make my life so much easier. It’s becoming extremely exhausting getting up four hours early to get my daughter to school and then myself to work, all while using public transport. A car would save me three hours each morning.

When I walked into my bosses office I couldn’t wait to start talking about the process and have a look over the Novated Leasing Melbourne documents. The boss started with some small talk, but then got right into the details regarding car leases. We talked for about an hour and I walked out of the office feeling confident I knew enough about Novated Lease Calculator Australia to apply for a lease. I’d never wanted anything so badly. This car would change not only mine, but my daughters life. I would no longer have to explain why the man on the other side of the train is talking to the wall, or why the man in the dress is singing and dancing in the aisle. Public transport was a huge benefit for those of us without cars, but sometimes it wasn’t the best place to bring children.