I will be trying my best for the jumping people

I don’t really want to alarm anyone, but there is a bit of a situation that might be happening outside by the castles in area B. I don’t really want to stop the testing, and get everyone out of there just for something that is possibly a little small and insignificant, but at the end of the day, it’s simply an experiment and we don’t want anyone to get hurt by it. I love these jumping castles too, and I don’t want them to get hurt either, if that’s possible in this instance. I know that the jumping castle hire Melbourne company would not look upon it too favourably, that’s for certain. I will be shutting down area B until such time as we can shoo the bee away from the area, then we can start back up again. This is just one of the many problems that face me, as the director of this experiment, which uses the castle from the bouncy castle hire Melbourne company, to try and get some data about people and the psychological and physical things that happen to them when they are bouncing on these castles. I was really lucky to get the grant to do this experiment and I’ll be proud to show my results when I finally have them all compiled and I know what to do with it. I want to try and get the best possible data that I can, and so shutting down an entire grid area for an indefinite amount of time, is really saddening to me and to the think tank in general. We have all been owning really hard, including Gerry, the intern, who was the one who actually called up the kids jumping castle hire Melbourne crew and was able to wrangle all of the equipment that we will need for the subjects to jump in.