Brother Ben’s granny flat option

Mum had been trying to get my brother Ben, to move out of home for a few years now. He had just had his twenty sixth birthday and was still living at home, doing nothing. He was unemployed and had no inspiration to do anything with his life. I didn’t get my brother, I would move out as soon as I had the chance. Mum and Dad told us both we weren’t allowed to move out until we had turned 18. I was counting down the days until I could move out, whereas my brother seemed to be getting settled for the long term. Mum and Dad both expected my brother to have moved out a few years back and were hoping to convert his room into a study and craft room. My brother was putting too much pressure on my parents and he didn’t care. One afternoon, my father came home and suggested that Benny moved into a granny flat. My brother got very annoyed any time anyone asked him about his job or apartment search.

My brother tried to brush my father’s comment off, but I wasn’t going to let him. I pointed out he was too young to be living at home and that he needed to get off his butt. I could say things like that to Benny and my parents couldn’t, so they appreciated it when I pitched in. Dad mentioned he saw a company called Car Cover Tamworth who build granny flats. Dad told us all that he would call the men from Granny Flats Tamworth and find out some information about their services. If Mum and Dad could afford to have the team at Storage Barns Tamworth build a granny flat on our block, at least Benny would be out of the house and Mum and Dad’s hair.