I like the little Ricky, and the shed people

I shouldn’t say shed people, because it sounds like the wonderful technicians and builders and construction workers and admin people at horse sheds Tamworth are something akin to cave people, which they are definitely not. I love the way that they work, an I love that they will always be there for anything related to sheds and barns that I could ever need. It was a great relief to see that Ricky was working with these people, and not just on his own. To be honest, I thought he was going to build me a granny flat from his own bare hands, and I don’t know how cool I would’ve been with that. Super glad that the granny flat Tamworth people are on board with this, and are going to be doing it. Rick is simply paying for it, and paying to have the chip on my shoulder surgically removed, which is no easy feat I’m told.

I always liked him. I always liked the way that he never spoke down to me, and always treated me with respect. I like that he got me a home as well; that’s definitely a plus. I was using a caravan for my home for the past 22 years, and the Gods know, that’s no fun, not after 22 hours of it. I will never be able to forgive the men that did this to me, but I think that now I have my life back on track and I can communicate with people again, I will be able to forget. I normally don’t like to forget things, because it means that my mind is failing me, but I would like to forget some bad things. I seem to forget all about my worries when I see the granny flat construction Tamworth team working hard.