I will clean, then sail the world, with my bond

Once the end of lease cleaning Perth crew are all done, I’ll be able to get my bond back, and it will help to pay for my flight, a one way flight, to the best place in the world for aspiring writers; Europe. I hope that my life can be revitalised, and I hope that I can find love, and loss and drink and make merry, and fall in love with a beautiful Swiss girl I found in Germany, and fall in love with a beautiful Russian woman I found in Romania, and fall in love with a 25 year old scotch that I found in a shoe in the Mediterranean. I hope that I can find these things when I travel, because if I don’t; I’ll be doomed to be cliched writer, writing about a young man with anxiety issues who wants to be a writer. That is so cliched it makes my meta-head explode thinking about itself. I can’t do this without my house being cleaned, and my house can’t be cleaned if I don’t get the vacate cleaning Perth team to finish up the jobs that they are doing, and sign the receipt. Once I give the receipt to Anthony, then he will be able to see that I hired out a professional team of cleaners and I’m able to get my $800 bond back. The team were very professional and I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve given me; a chance to go somewhere, and to see things that other people only dream of. I’m a very lucky man, I am. The team of cleaners, and very thorough cleaners at that, made sure that Anthony got his receipt and made sure I got my money back. It’s a real shame I won’t see the move out cleaning Perth crew again, they were good to me.