Last minute rush before drainage plumber arrives

I’d rushed around the house and managed to tidy up as much as I could. I did one quick lap around the place once I heard the doorbell ring. I expected to see a plumber from High Pressure Water Jet Drain Clearing Melbourne, and that’s exactly who was standing on my porch. I had booked an appointment with the plumbers because my drains were either blocked, or in great need of cleaning. I’d been interstate for a few days and when I returned, my house absolutely stunk. I usually have all the windows in my house open, letting in as much natural air and light as possible, so I wouldn’t have noticed the smell before. Considering the house had been locked up for a number of consecutive days, when I got home the smell was thick and asphyxiating. I didn’t want to spend another second in a house that smelt like a rubbish dump, so I’d booked an appointment with Drainage Contractors Melbourne.

I had never had my drains cleaned before, but I hoped it would be enough to get rid of the smell. I had kept all the windows in my home wide open during the night, to rid the smell. The plumber from Drain Unblocking Melbourne was due to arrive in about an hour. I hoped he would be able to get rid of the smell, and that it wouldn’t be a tricky job. I didn’t want the man to have to play around in my drain for ages. I started thinking about what it would be like to be a plumber, and everything they had to do. I then wondered if the plumbers got treated like everyone else who provided a trade or service for the public. More often than not, people expect you to work your butt off for hardly any money. I made a mental note to be overly nice to all plumbers.