Bus fall results in physio

The school bus was twenty minutes late this morning. Everyone was annoyed because at my school if you’re late they lock the doors and you miss out on that days lesson. It was the last week of school, being exam week we all needed to get to class on time. It was a hectic flurry to get off the school bus with people pushing and shoving. I was just about to jump off the bus when someone pushed me from behind. I landed on my knee and let out a loud scream. I hadn’t felt pain like that before. I lay on the ground crying and waited for a teacher to come over to me. The teacher helped me up to the office and they called my mother. Mum came and picked me up and took me to the doctors. The doctor gave Mum a prescription for painkillers and recommended I go to the Physiotherapist Rouse Hill for a further examination.

We drove to Physiotherapy Rouse Hill and had to wait for about forty minutes because I didn’t have an appointment. When the physio was free he told me to come through and Mum helped me hobble into his office. He propped me up onto the bed and had a look at my knee. He bent it and poked it and it was incredibly sore. He told me that it looked like I’d done some tendon damage and that it would take a while to heal. Physio Rouse Hill gave me some exercises to do while I was at home and told Mum I needed to have a week off school to rest. This was perfect, now I got a week off school, an extra week to study and an excuse to have all the ice cream I wanted! I could re-sit the exams the following week. Apart from the pain, this didn’t turn out too badly at all.