Steam cleaners love mechanics

For the past ten years I have been ignoring the disgustingly filthy carpets that filled my house. My darling husband spends each day working his butt off at the local mechanic. He is known around here as the best mechanic around and always has a lot of work on. He often works overtime and comes home exhausted. I do my best to keep the house sparkling clean for him, but the grease and oil stains from his boots made it very difficult. I’d recently gotten myself a part time job at the florist. Now that the kids have all moved out, I was getting extremely bored and was running out of things to do. I decided to use some of my pay to arrange for Adelaide Carpet Cleaning to come and steam the carpets. I wanted the house to look nice and I knew steam cleaning was the only way to do it.

I spoke with a man at Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide and scheduled in for a cleaner to be here in the afternoon. I expected to have to wait a few days, but luckily they had an empty day today. I hung up the phone and rushed around tidying up. I needed to clear the carpet as much as possible for the cleaners. I had just finished moving everything when I heard the doorbell.

The man from Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide looked very professional. His tanned skin emphasised his incredibly white teeth. I couldn’t help but hope our carpets would turn out as white as his teeth. I explained that my husband is a mechanic, hence the filthy state of the carpets and the man smiled politely. I left him to do his job. Once the man had finished he packed up his equipment and left. I had to let the carpet dry for a few hours before I could put the furniture back or walk on it. I hoped my husband would like it. I put a shoe rack at the front door, hopefully now he’ll take his boots off at the door, before the carpet!

Saving the play involves carpet cleaning

One afternoon is not enough. I was given an afternoon to make a backdrop for a school play. The one that was already made was destroyed when two students got into an argument. I had borrowed paint and supplies from the art room but I forgot the most important thing, an easel. I was resting my backdrop on the carpet to paint it but didn’t think to put newspaper underneath it like a drop sheet. I was in the zone with my painting, managed to get the entire backdrop finished by the time nightfell. I was standing back, admiring my work when I realised I’d painted a section of the carpet. I hope my parents don’t notice.

The next morning before school I heard Mum speaking with a cleaner from Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide I heard her asking questions about getting paint removed from carpet and then her asking when the next contractor from Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide would be able to come and steam the carpets. I tried to get out of the house before Mum saw me, she’d seen the paint, all that would be coming next was a lecture. Everyone at school loved my backdrop. The art teacher fed me praise and said she would mention my name in the presentation for saving the backdrop. The play was a huge success and everyone involved had a lot of fun.

After a great day at school I walked home happily. When I turned onto my street I saw Adelaide Carpet Cleaning parked outside and my stomach dropped. I had completely forgot about the paint on the carpet, and the lecture that I was about to receive. This was not going to be a good afternoon.