The car needs a tow, from the garbage lots

I didn’t know that there would be anything wrong with the car when I was going to pick it up from the lot of my son’s work. He works a lot, and at a lot. I make that joke a lot, maybe too much. Anyway, I’m not sure what’s on the lot, I think some sort of garbage, but anyway, I’ll talk to him any find out why the car isn’t working. I have had to call up a towing Adelaide company to get the car out of here, and for me to head with them so that I can sort it all out once it gets to a mechanics. I’ll figure it all out then and then I can also yell at my bonehead son for doing something so boneheaded. I don’t know if he actually did anything like that, but I can only assume the reason I was picking up the car was because he had to work late, on the road with his partner, so he had to get in the van, and leave the car at the garbage lot. I needed the car, to use, which is why I called him, and he said that I could pick it up and take it, while his partner dropped him off when they finished work. I thought everything would be fine if I did that, but I guess not. I guess that was too much to ask for. So, here I am, in the front seat of a tow truck Adelaide company, waiting to hear about what I should do next. I think I will yell at my son, if I get the chance and I’m able to get home. Thanks so much, my only heroes, for letting me make a phone call, and for getting myself and my car when I needed to go. Thank you, car transporting Adelaide.