Dad’s community dream starts with building inspection

My father had been doing things for the community for a very long time. He grew up in the time when people didn’t do things for money, they did things out of the generosity of their hearts because someone else was in need. Somehow, through the years my father has managed to keep a firm grip on his morals, while everyone else lost theirs. Recently, my father had been volunteering at a shelter. He knew the local fruit store owner and had worked out a deal for food donations to feed the homeless people staying at the shelter. My father thought that the shelter wasn’t doing enough and they weren’t able because their amount of funding continued to decrease.

One afternoon my father decided that the acreage and property he owned just outside of town would be the perfect place to start his own shelter. With all his community connections, he worked out how much it would cost him, how many people he could help and what he would need. He sat back in his office chair and stated in a surprised tone, “I could actually do this”. That was all it took. The following day, my father was on the phone to Building Inspections Melbourne, arranging an inspection for the property on the acreage. The person on the phone at Pre purchase Inspection Melbourne sounded very cheerful and my father hung up the phone with a smile on his face.

My father asked me if I would help him make some small arrangements and I told him I’d be happy too. Dad had already sorted out the first step, which was arranging the inspector from Independent Building Inspector Melbourne. We had a lot more to do, and we were both very excited to get the ball rolling.