Convenient building inspections

When we had finished looking through the units I noticed a Building and pest Inspection Melbourne van pull up in the driveway. My husband and I were interested in buying a small block of units to add to our investment property list. We strongly believed that investment property was a great way to build our money and so far we weren’t wrong. When the real estate agent had finished giving us the grand tour we waited to see the results from Pre Purchase Inspections Melbourne. There was no point looking at a place that didn’t pass the inspection, and we were very interested. We asked the inspector if he would mind letting us know what the results were once he was done and he told us that would be fine.

My husband and I waited in the car for the man from Melbourne Building Inspections to finish. When he walked out he gave us the thumbs up and was on his way. As soon as I saw the thumbs up I turned to my husband and gave him an inquisitive look. A smile spread from ear to ear on his face and without any spoken words we had just agreed to buy another small block of units.

We drove straight from the property to the real estate agency and asked to sit down with the property manager. We talked for over an hour about everything that came with buying the units and whether we wanted to keep the current tenants. After reviewing the tenant history and current lease periods we decided they should all stay. This meant our property would start paying itself off straight away, rather than us trying to find new tenants to rent the units. We signed all the paperwork and the property was ours.

My husband took me out for a celebratory dinner that night. We had a great time and ended the night with a movie. All in all, it was a fantastic day.

Building inspection to keep the kids safe

My grandmother did a lot of community work. She helped at church, she helped at shelters, did volunteer work for charity and helped out at the local child care centre. She helped anyone she possibly could and I admired her for that. It seemed that she was busier since she retired than she was when she was working. I liked to go along with her whenever I could and help out. It was a great thing helping people who needed it the most. It was also a great feeling knowing that you were doing it because you wanted to, not because you were being paid to do it.

I arrived at my grandmothers house one afternoon to take her to the child care centre and do some volunteer work. We both loved playing with the children. They were a lot of fun. When we arrived the woman who ran the child care centre told us they would be closed next week and that they needed to get a Building Inspection Melbourne carried out on the property. I asked if there was a problem or if it was just a routine check. The lady told me that there wasn’t any problems and that they had Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne carried out twice a year to ensure the children were safe. I thought that was a great idea and wondered how many other businesses did the same thing. I’d imagine not many.

The week after the Pre purchase Inspection Melbourne we arrived for our regular volunteer work. The woman told us that everything went smoothly with the inspections and that the centre was safe for children to play in for at least another six months. It was really great to know that they actually cared about the childrens safety, rather than just taking money from the parents to babysit their children.

My dream shop passed the building inspection

I was looking into buying a shop to open up a small retail store. I had always wanted to own my own store, rather than work for someone else and loved working in retail. Why not do both. I had been a manager long enough to know how to operate a successful store and had the confidence to do it.

I looked at a few shops and then found one that was perfect. It was on a busy street, lined with cafes and restaurants. There was a few retails store along the street but not many which meant there was a good opportunity for my business. I spoke with the real estate agent regularly about the property and finally got to the stage of handing over my deposit. I had been told by my father, who spent his life working in the construction industry, to get a building inspection done on a property before I hand over any money.

I took Dads advice and called Building Inspectors Melbourne. They told me the next time they were available was in a few days, so I scheduled it in. I wanted to walk through with the inspector, to find out what was wrong, if anything, and what I would need to do to fix it.

The man from Pest and Building Inspection Melbourne was very friendly. After walking through the shop he told me that the property was in great shape and that it had passed the Building Inspection Melbourne. I was thrilled to hear that. I thought I might need to pay to have a few things fixed, and would’ve been happy to do that. This news was even better.

After getting the report signed by the inspector I went to the real estate agency and handed over my deposit. It was not long now until the shop was officially mine and my dreams were that much closer to coming true.