I want the world to see my wife and her beauty in that wedding dress

I know that I was not meant to see her, and I really tried not to, but I could not help myself. I had to see that dress and I had to see the woman who would be my wife. I think that it is kind of cute that she had the same idea and she snuck around to my room to see me a few hours before. The funny thing is that I was at her room when that happened and so we missed each other. I only found out about it a little while ago, when we were whispering sweet nothings in our ear at the reception. I think that the only way to get through this whole night, without shouting to the rooftops, is to make sure that I tell a few people about some of the things that are going through my mind. I want to get a few things off my chest and I want to start by saying to you that I think that the wedding dress shops Melbourne company did such a great job with the dress. I know that every husband has to say that and I would still say it if it were not true, but in this case it is true and I think that she looks like an angel that has fallen to heaven and not hurt herself at all at any point on the way down. It was like she used a jet pack, but that might ruin the great dress from the wedding dresses Melbourne store. In fact if she was an angel then she would just use her great wings. I think that makes much more sense thematically. All of the things that she had no her neck and on her hand are la thanks to the great people from the bridal accessories Melbourne store as well. They have been so good to my wife (I will never tire of using that term).