Arranged for love, how beauty wins the day

It is my wedding this weekend. I have never met my fiance, we will meet on my wedding day. It is tradition for my people to have arranged marriages, it has always been this way. I am happy to do this and I hope I bring honour to my family. I hope I can be a good wife to my husband and serve him the way a wife should. I do hope that he is a handsome man but such things are not important in the long term. I have been training to be a good wife for as long as I can remember. My mother has been preparing me for this day and I feel like I am ready. There is much to learn when growing up if you wish to be a good wife. I have mastered the art of cooking, a difficult task I can tell you that. A wife should always look her best, so I make sure to have regular beauty treatments done at my favourite salon. I keep my face looking fresh and radiants, I must never let my husband see me without my makeup on. The most difficult lesson I had to learn was to keep my opinions to myself.

Growing up I was very loud and opinionated, I had to learn to be a humble wife, to be silent unless spoken to. When I get my facials Perth treatment I like to practice my silence, I do not speak unless directly spoken to. It was not always been a tradition but husband like their wives to have waxing done, this is something that I do not mind, I find waxing Perth to be most relaxing. I believe I am ready to be the best wife I can be, these beauty treatments are a dream. My wedding is to be with weekend. My most generous husband has even hired me a nice car to ride in, one from limo hire Melbourne. Growing up in my country before I moved here I was very poor, not eating some nights because we could not afford it. Now I was in a new country and I was going to be riding in a wedding limo hire Melbourne vehicle with my family. They were most proud of me and my achievements. My sister were very jealous when they heard my husband to be had called stretch limo hire Melbourne. They were all far too young to be married and were still training to be good wives. I know one day they will serve their husbands well.