I will find a great battery pack

I need to find the best battery pack that I can, and I’m not going to stop just because both of my legs might be broken. It’s endearing in a way. Have you seen any of those noir films?The hero needs to be injured in some way, such as the broken nose, or the crushed fingers. This just means that it’s way more important. It means that I really care about catching this bad guy and trying to rid the world of the man who’s been hogging all of the battery booster packs, and not letting the rest of the world have them. It’s times like these that I want to tell the world where to go and just run away. I don’t always want to be the hero of the hour, and the Gods only know that now is one of those times. The only problem in that no one else is there to take my place if I leave. The only thing I can do is the one thing that I don’t’ want to; carry on. I need to carry on and find for the world the best batteries that I can. They need to be able to jump start their cars, and I need my car. I can’t walk, and so I need my car more than most, but I also want to try and tell the world about these things. I don’t want to tell them for no reason, I want to tell them for humanitarian reason. I’m a nice guy, underneath it all. I will try and look in the south of the region, and try to find the best jump starter kits that I can find. If I can find them, then I’ll be sure to give them out to the people of my city.

I am the happiest battery to have lived

I have called myself the battery for now because I feel like I’ve just been recharged with life and vigour and enthusiasm. I can see the world for the beautiful majesty that it is and I can see how great it would be to travel all around it, and try and see everything that I could. I want it buy this girl, this one that is making my heart all aflutter, a beautiful battery pack to go with her beautiful heart. It will be symbol of how much she recharges me. I get down sometimes, as I’m sure most of my family knows. I get down, and I retreat into shell sometimes. Well a lot of times. I don’t want to do that anymore, and now that Anna has said yes to this date I can’t imagine myself ever retreating again. I will always be this happy, and I will always be this bubbly and fun and attentive and kind and productive and all sorts of things.

I want her to know how much she means to me, even though we’ve only been on three dates. Yeah there was a bit of a gap between paragraphs of this article. I came back to it now, and I will finish on this timeline, I promise. I will ask her out to a date, a day date, a whole day date, down the coast of country. I want to go with her one weekend to the coast so that we can see the whale museum. Whales are our favourite animals, and no lack of battery booster in the world is going to stop us taking the car to see all about them. Hopefully there will not be a lack though, as I plan on procuring (purchasing) an item that will satisfy our needs. The car is notoriously unreliable, so I’ll add some reliability it it by adding the emergency battery booster pack.