Bathroom renovations, the key decider in moving

My boyfriend and I have lived in our small unit complex for almost a year now. The owner of the block also lives in the units, and over the year we have become quite good friends. One of the back units has been vacant for a few months and the owner has just started doing it up. I’ve been popping my head in every now and then to see how it’s all going and it looks amazing. Beforehand the place looked like it was a squatters home. Now, the place looks like a brand new, modern unit. My boyfriend was having a beer with the owner the other night when he offered to have us move into the newly renovated unit, once it was finished. My boyfriend jumped at the opportunity and put our names down. He knew I wanted to move into a newer place with a nice bathroom, our current one was horrible. After my boyfriend told me about moving, I was super excited. I started creating pictures in my head of how the unit would look once the renovations were finished. Then I imagined it with all of our belongings set up in there and I got even more excited.

A week or so had passed and my excitement was starting to fade away. The move was still a while away yet, so it was alright. That was, until I saw the Bathroom Renovations Sydney truck out the front of the unit block. I knew that stuff would be for my new bathroom, and I wanted to see what it was. I went out and spoke to the man driving the Bathroom Accessories Sydney. He confirmed his delivery was for the back unit and it was a whole new bathroom. I’d heard of Bathroom Designs Sydney, and seen some of their designs in some magazines. I never dreamed I’d be living in a place with a bathroom that nice though!