I hope that the asphalt people come soon

I want there to be nothing that the Gods can use on mer to keep me from going through the Anzahl Tor and to keep me from going into the life-next. This won’t be easy to do, but I will need to, in case it comes to light, find out what I can get on the Gods so that we can blackmail each other if it comes to that. I’m quite certain that I won’t stoop that low, but I can never really be sure of that. I will need to talk to my friend, who knows the number of the local asphalt Brisbane company. Besides trying to buy and bribe my way into the next life, I will need to sort out this life. I will call up the company and ask if they might be able to help me in getting some asphalt for the paving on the outside of the house, since it looks a little bit bare at the moment. The asphalt repairs Brisbane crew are about to get here, and when they do, I want to shake all of their hands and try to do my best to impress them. I’m not too sure why I need to impress them, I just feel that urge rising in me. It’s hard to explain to someone who might not get it, but that’s the best that I can do; sorry. I shouldn’t really be apologising since I didn’t do anything wrong; I just did what comes naturally. I will tell the asphalt paving Brisbane people that anyway, when I see them when they come to lay the asphalt down around the house. It won’t be long now; I called them a little bit ago, but not that long ago. I’ll just wait here and look at the area that they will asphalt and think on my sins.