I want the boss to be pleased with his aluminium when I give it to him

I want to give the boss some aluminium but I’m not too sure what kinds. I think that I might just have to go with what is working and try to get him something that he really likes. The only thing that he really seems to like is his ute, and so if we can get him maybe some great aluminium toolboxes Melbourne residents are all up in arms about and raving about, he might be able to put them on his ute. I hope that we can get it to him before the end of the day. I will go somewhere during lunch and we will see what we can see. I hope that we can get him something else for his ute, and I think that Anderson might have a good idea on that sort of thing. I will talk to him before he leaves, so don’t worry about me. I hear that he might be able to hook us up with some high quality ute toolboxes Melbourne residents love, and that we can then put onto his ute. I know that he really does love that thing and it’s the most important piece of transport equipment that he has ever seen. I don’t think that any of us humans will be able to compete with the master at his very best, that is, the ute, when he is being lavished with attention by the incomparable boss of ours. We are all fighting for a little attention and we’ll never take it away from the ute, so our best bet is to use the ute to our advantage and give him something like a nice set of under body boxes that he can associate with both the ute and us, boosting our perceived rating.