The widows are about to be installed in the ship

I want to get some more windows for my ship, the Argo, from the sash windows Melbourne team. I like the Argo, and I’m pretty sure that it is the only E-Class explorer that is still in commission around these parts. I hope that I’m the only one with an E because that would be way cooler than being on for two or one of three or something. I would still like to meet any of the other captains of E’s if there are any out there. That is it, I am making a call out to an E-Class Explorer captains who might still be roaming the high seas and the Deep. I want to ask you something that has been on my mind for an age and a half: how did you guys and gals go about getting windows for the ship? I want to get some windows and I’m pretty sure that I will go to the timber windows Melbourne crew, as they seem to have a reputation for being the best in the business. I’m also pretty sure that if you ask the people who know about these sorts of things, the old captains and stuff, they will also tell you the same thing. We had a bit of a hull breach the other day, when we had some trouble with some kairf that had gotten aboard the Argo. We didn’t take too much damage but a few of the windows in the port side of the Argo were cracked. It was something that wasn’t urgent, but I want to get a handle on it pretty soon. That’s why I’m here, on Perdu, the Autumn planet, so that I can ask around about the aluminium windows Melbourne company, and where I might be able to contact them, and ask about them putting in some replacement windows in the ship.

The windows are Sam’s greatest legacy

I don’t want to brag, but I have just replaced every single window in this hyub with state-of-the-art windows from the window repair crew, who were very kind enough to help us out with this little dilemma that we had. Recently, about three weeks ago, we were about to be hit by a huge set of asteroids that was bound for the hub. I honestly don’t know why we still have this hub here, on Perdu, if hardly anyone uses it, and there are less than 60 employees total. We have it though, and we are meant to make the best of it. We had to evacuate everyone from the hub while the storm hit us, and subsequently broke every single window in the hub. We had to do some massive cleanups, and before we could get safely back into orbit, we had to get them all replaced. That was when I called up the window repairs Melbourne crew, to ask if they can do us the most massive of favors, and help us out with this thing. They were definitely able to help us with this, and before too long, we were able to start the repairs and the replacements of the windows I the hub. We had to dock the whole thing to the planet while the storm passed, and the repairs got done, but it was all worth it in the end. I believe that we are the first hub in the subsector, maybe even the sector or the galaxy, to have their windows, all of their windows, replaced with top of the line windows from the sash windows Melbourne people. They won’t be breaking easily this time around. I have Sam to thank for this; who I find is a far more competent director than I ever was, since she knows about Perdu more than me, even though she’s still just the assistant director. It was her idea to call the aluminium windows Melbourne company.