Limousine pick up for a surprise party

I wasn’t sure why but when I arrived at the airport, returning from three months teaching English in Asia, there was a man from Limo hire Melbourne standing in the terminal waiting for me with a big sign, displaying my name. I was very confused. Why did I have a limo waiting for me and where was my family? I approached the man from Stretch limo hire Melbourne and asked him why he was there. He told me he had orders to pick me up from the airport and take me somewhere, but he couldn’t tell me where. I was a little nervous about the whole situation and was cautious when I got in the limousine after getting my suitcases.

The limo driver told me that my mother had picked out a dress for me to put on and he suggested I freshen up before I get to where we were going. The limo was incredible. It was absolutely gorgeous and I could see everyone on the street turning their heads as I went past. I could see them wondering who was inside and where I was going, just as I did when I saw limos pass me on the street. Now these people were looking at me. There was a red dress hanging at the front of the limo and a pair of high heels alongside a black handbag. I begged the man from Airport transfers Melbourne to tell me where we were going but he didn’t, he just put the partition up so I could get changed. I changed into my dress and fixed my hair and reapplied my makeup. We arrived at a restaurant and as I stepped out of the limousine a staff member was there to meet me and take me to the function room. My entire family was there and had thrown me a surprise party to congratulate me on my successful three months of teaching overseas.