Arrival of the air conditioning technician

There was a knock the door just as I’d put the milk back in the fridge. I had just made myself my morning cup of tea and was about to sit down and have a read of the day’s newspaper. I smiled to myself, glad that the man from Air Conditioning Sydney had arrived. I was eager to have my air conditioning system fixed. I had sweated through enough night’s for my own good. I couldn’t handle it anymore and my makeup had been completely destroyed. I had managed to survive the week of wearing no makeup, but it was subconsciously getting to me. I was doubting myself and my confidence levels were dropping. Before I did anything about replacing my very expensive makeup, I had to get the air conditioner fixed. I didn’t want to have my new makeup ruined again. The appointment was for this morning and the technician had arrived. I left my cup of tea to cool down as I walked to the front door.

Excitement swirled within my stomach as I turned the door handle and opened the front door. The man from Air Conditioning Service Sydney was standing at my door, professionally with a friendly smile. I welcomed him in he looked around for the air conditioner. The system was in the lounge room, so the man from Air Conditioning Repairs Sydney walked towards it, asking me questions. I told the technician all the information I could think of and then left him to play with the machine. I walked back to the kitchen and crossed my fingers. I hoped he would be able to fix it. I wanted to get back to me and that involved applying makeup.