Boss’ carpet cleaning needs mocked

My boss had some important people coming into the office on Friday and he needed everything to be perfect. The office had to be tidy and everyone in it needed to look professional. My boss wanted to give a dedicated and success driven impression to the men he was meeting with. They were two men who had the power to make my boss shiver in his boots, I liked them. my boss was usually very arrogant and cared little about anyone other than himself. Suddenly, with the pressure of landing the clients heavily weighing on my boss, he had become a charming and kind person to be around. I wondered how long it was going to stick around for. My first instruction for the day was to make arrangements with Carpet Cleaning Adelaide. I couldn’t believe the lengths my boss was going to. They were the biggest client the company ever would have scored, but did they really require Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide to steam clean their pathways?

The boss explained to me that having the Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide come through the office with their steamers would freshen the place up and take away the boring office smell. My boss could say nothing to convince me that he was nothing but a suck up. I left work that afternoon feeling good. I was always upset about the fact I had to answer to someone, I wanted to be the boss. Today I realised that even the boss has someone to answer to. In fact, there were very few people out in the world who had no one to answer to. The rest of my night was spent pretending I was one of those people.